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Ab sofort können Entwickler die die CryENGINE nutzen u.a. auch Virtual Reality (VR) in ihren Projekten einsetzen. Das gilt für "full licensees" als auch "Engine-as-a-Service" Abonnenten.


Version 3.8.1 der CryENGINE fügt folgende drei Optionen zu.


- Oculus Rift Unterstützung
Künftige Updates der CryENGINE werden weitere VR-Plattformen integrieren.


- OpenGL Support
Damit wird es leichter Spiele auch für Linux zu erstellen bzw. portieren.


- Android TV
Mit Android TV kommt die CryENGINE nun auch im Wohnzimmer an.


Beachtet bitte, dass die letzte frei zugängliche Version der CryENGINE die Version 3.5.8 ist (DOWNLOAD). Die hier vorgestellte neue Version (3.8.1) ist nur für Nutzer des "CryENGINE as a service" Angebots oder Full-Lizenzteilnehmer nutzbar.


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Hier die offizielle Ankündigung:

"Developers can now tap into the game-changing power of CRYENGINE to create virtual reality experiences following the latest update to Crytek's all-in-one software solution.


The release of CRYENGINE 3.8.1 adds Oculus Rift support to the engine, granting both full licensees and Engine-as-a-Service subscribers equal access to the new VR toolset. The addition of VR development capabilities to CRYENGINE is complimented by initial support for AMD's LiquidVR™ technology, which is dedicated to making VR as comfortable and realistic as possible. Future updates will bring support for additional VR platforms into the engine.


Crytek's Frank Vitz, Creative Director CRYENGINE, said: "Since showcasing our own work with VR, we've seen an overwhelming response from developers who want to use CRYENGINE for their virtual reality projects as well. Our experience in stereoscopic 3D, combined with the engine's rendering power and ability to deliver high resolution images at a high frame rate, means CRYENGINE offers a degree of visual fidelity that many people feel is foundational to a compelling VR experience. We can't wait to see what other CRYENGINE users create now that they have VR capabilities at their fingertips."


Today's update also adds OpenGL support to CRYENGINE, allowing developers to more seamlessly port their PC projects to Linux.


Finally, today's update also empowers full engine licensees to put CRYENGINE to work when developing games for Android TV systems. With Android devices designed for the living room set to become increasingly popular, CRYENGINE ensures users are equipped to bring their vision to life for a whole new audience.


CRYENGINE is available royalty free for as little as 9.90 USD/EUR per month. For more information visit"

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